In the Summer of 2003 I started teaching guitar and voice from my home. For many years early onin my singing career, I had lots of vocal problems. Fatigue, hoarseness, inconsistent pitch, and sometimes even lost my voice. There were times when I could not even make it through a 3 hour rehearsal.Over the years, I vowed to learn how my "instrument" worked, in order to once and for all end my problems singing. I studied for 6 months with a local vocal instructor, and read as much information as I possibly could to gain knowledge on the mechanics of good vocal ability. My voice has had many compliments over the years, including words such as "strong", "powerful", and "distinct". I was even referred to by a soundman, as "Captain Lungs". It is nice to have developed my voice to a point where I never "wonder" if I will be in good voice or not. I haven't had a "bad" night in many years, and I learned that, "proper preparation equals a consistent voice and performance". I have been singing semi-professionally for 20 years, both on stage, and in the studio.I have sung every kind of genre of music, and have had the pleasure of knowing that my voice will always be there when I need it. I have been playing guitar for almost as long. I consider myself a singer first, and a guitar player second. For many years I played the guitar without knowing what I was playing. In both instances, I came to the realization that I wanted to help people with my talents, so that they will not make the same mistakes as I did early on in my musical career.I set out to teach both guitar and voice from the same perspective. Give the student the working knowledge of WHY things are the way they are, and how to use the laws of their instrument to their advantage, in order to live a long and fruitful life enjoying what they love to do.I truly love music,singing,writing, and playing. It is a driving force in my life, that I cannot control.It gets so much more enjoyable, when you learn how the instrument works.

Teaching Voice

My teaching style comes from a different perspective. I have what I call a "performer's" style of teaching. I have taken what I have learned over the years "in the field", in my study of the singing voice, and my years of singing improperly, and formed that into a teaching plan that gives the student a simple, but basic knowledge of how their voice works. My lessons are tailor made for each student. I teach proper breathing techniques using exercises to strengthen and develop the diaphragm. I also teach exercises that help develop pitch, increase range, and develop all areas of your voice. The first voice lesson is an introductory lesson, where we lay out your personal goals in the lessons. I then will give you a basic understanding of how the mechanics of the voice work. In the first lesson, I also show you how to breathe properly, and show you some exercises to develop your breathing technique.I then finish the lesson with some examples of what to expect in your lesson plan.

Teaching Guitar

As with my voice, I spent the early part of my years playing guitar without any real knowledge of what I was doing. I then, many years later, decided to learn the theory behind the guitar fretboard. As with the voice lessons, I feel I have a slightly different approach to teaching the guitar. Rather than throw 30 chords at you, and have you "memorize" the fingerings to those chords, I start my students out with scales first. In fact, for the first several weeks, depending on the student's progress, you may not play one single chord with me. The reason I teach this way, is because it was the only way that I was able to finally grasp the theory of the fretboard. Everything on the fretboard is derived from the major scale. For instance, if you have a knowledge of scales, then you will be able to play any chord there is, because you will know what "notes" or "intervals" are in the chord itself. Even if you have never played an E minor 7th chord, when you have the knowledge of the major scale, and the knowledge of what "intervals" of the major scale are in the minor 7th chord, you can figure out the fingering of that chord. For many years, I "memorized" where my fingers went, but I did not know WHY they went there. I teach my students the WHY, so that they are not memorizing, but learning. I teach beginning to intermediate students of all ages. As with the voice lessons, the lesson plan is tailor made to suit your personal goals in the lessons.

The Lessons

Lessons are done in half an hour session. Some students prefer an hour lesson, but truthfully, a lot is covered in 30 minutes to have to working hard for the week.It is my view that learnign short, lessons properly will make it easier to learn harder principles later. The first half of the lesson is basically working on what I call "the fundamentals". Then , the second part of the lesson, is what I call "the real world". In that part of each lesson, we can work on songs that you are performing, or just playing for fun. This gives me the ability, to take what you are learning in the fundamentals portion, and show you what you have learned, and how it translates into real use. Depending on the students level, the second part of the lesson may not come until the student is ready.


The current rate for the lessons is $40.00 per lesson. Currently I am teaching in Milwaukee on Wednesdays, and throughout the week in Manitowoc.

Mission Statement

I enjoy teaching immensely, and I am fully committed to helping each and every student achieve their personal goals in their study. My focus, is always, and always will be, on YOUR goals. That's my mission statement. I truly am humbled when a student of mine gains a better knowledge of their craft, and the excitement they exude when they are making progress. I vow to always strive to help you become a better singer, and better guitar player.

Our Services list

Here is a list of past and present students that have studied with me that have a prescence on the web.. It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of them.

Adam Bowser - Lax Archivist
Kevin Slottke - Country Storm
Sarah Floyd - Sarah Floyd
Bob L - Albatross
Kevin Brown - Man Down
Gary Banach - Last Call
Kim Engebretson - Last Call
Matt Stevens - Spiral Trance
Tom Wegner - Munkey Du
Miss Katie - Fat Bottom Special
Mike Grassman - That 90's Band
Jeff Skonecki - Virikas
Brian Lang - U2 Zoo


"I had been singing (the wrong way) in bars and clubs for several years, always wondering why I would struggle with shows on consecutive nights. Ive learned more from Mike in two months of lessons about proper warm-ups, good technique and a good warm-down than anyone has ever been able to tell me. Now that my voice is getting stronger, next thing were gonna tackle is improving my range."
- Kevin Brown- Man Down

"As lead singer for a local band that plays almostevery weekend, I struggled with voice strain and couldbarely get thru 2 shows in a weekend. After just a fewlessons with Mike, I learned some easy steps tostrengthen my voice, proper breathing techniques, andhow to prepare before and after shows. Mike has made amajor impact on my performance and my vocal health."
- Gary- Last Call

"I've been taking vocal lessons from various teachers for the last 18 years. Within the first few lessons I realized I had found someone who actually understood my voice. Every voice is different, every person has his or her own style and way of singing. Mike understands that, encourages that, but also introduces exercises and methods to strengthen and fine tune my tone."

"Mike was able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in my vocal delivery in just one lesson. He truly wants his students to succeed, and to that end, he is strong on technique and explains why a certain method will be more beneficial than another."
- Bob - Albatross

"Michael is an incomparable voice teacher for reasons twofold. First, his knowledge is applicable immediately and comes straight from the field. Second, he is patient and motivating. I found improvement in my voice after the first lesson and I have confidence in his instruction."

"I have been a student of Mike's for around two and a half years. My experience with him has been very successful and rewarding. I never had any previous vocal experience and was unsure of my ability. Mike made me feel comfortable in the lessons and I definitely noticed improvements along the way. He focused the lessons on the material I brought which was nice. Mike is very flexible, accommodating, and patient. I have enjoyed working with Mike and can now call myself a confident singer!"

"I've sang for over ten years without professional training. After training with Mike for just about six months, I've expanded not only my range, but my confidence as well. I would recommend Mike to anyone wanting to learn how to sing correctly. He's truely a professional."